Indian Egg Dishes Melbourne

Not every eggs that’s laid gets hatched; some become omelettes! And at Raju Omlet Centre, we specialise in making eggs just the way you like it through the wide array of options listed on our menu. Our chefs, being experts in their field, have tried out a number of variants to come up with all that we offer, choosing the best among the best.

We guarantee serving the best egg dishes in Melbourne that can keep our customers coming back for more. From the ambience of the establishment and the scrumptious food served to the warmth and hospitality that our staff exude, you can have a great dining experience here with friends and family. With pleasing our customers through the food we serve, satisfaction guaranteed is what we aim for.

All about the Basics

Eggs taste as delicious in their basic as they do with a veggies and masala twist. For the basic egg lovers, all we add to your eggs is our secret masala that drives our customers to us every day! Cooking it up in a number of ways, you can enjoy a regular omlet or opt for a dish made entirely with egg whites. No matter what your preference, we are here to serve you the best Indian egg dishes in Melbourne.

Veggie Love

For those who love their veggies as much as a feather-light omelette, we have a choice of options within our menu that combine both ingredients. Power-packed with mushrooms, capsicums, and onions, our power omelette is worth every bite you take. Apart form omelettes, you can enjoy a wonderful serving of bhurji, half fried eggs, boiled delights and more.

Egg Gravies

If you’ve been confused about where to find the best egg gravy in Melbourne before, you wouldn’t once you try the eggs curry served at Raju Omlet Center. The secret ingredients we use and the Indian spices give the curry a unique taste that is hard to find anywhere else.

With expert chefs creating masterpieces in the kitchen for you to dig into, our food and hospitality make us an establishment that is known among the best in Melbourne. Head over to Raju Omlet Center when you’re in the mood to try out Indian egg dishes in Hawthorn, Melbourne, for a dining experience worth your while.