Indian Pizza Melbourne

Love pizzas? Who doesn’t! While you crave for pizzas, we yearn to give our patrons a taste of the Indian pizza, which is a pizza but made Indian style! Priding ourselves in being one of the best restaurants for Indian food in Melbourne, Raju Omlet thrives to give everyone around a taste of what a dollop of Indian goodness can do to food. We decided to give you a gist of Indian street food tastes like by making pizzas with a splash of Indian flavours. A crusty base with toppings that have an Indian touch, the Indian pizza is famous at Raju Omlet Centre. With Indian street food as our specialty, we bring you a taste of the roadside style Indian food right to your tables! Because the best Indian pizza in Melbourne can be found right here at our establishment! With the art of preparing Indian dishes using just the right amount of spices and ingredients, Raju Omlet Centre boasts of a staff that knows their stuff.

Double Cheese Pizza

A double cheese pizza at Raju Omlet Centre with get you a yummy crust that is loaded with cheese, a double amount of what is usually served. Topped with capsicum, onions, and tomatoes, the Indian double cheese pizza served at Raju Omlet Centre gives you a wonderful blend of cheese, vegetables, and crusty goodness. For all the cheese lovers out there, a double cheese pizza is sure to be worth your while!

Cheese Bake Pizza

The cheese bake pizza we serve has the goodness of melted cheese accompanied by toppings of capsicum, tomatoes, and onions. Baked to perfection, this pizza is spiced up to add an Indian touch that you won’t find anywhere else!

Italian Pizza

With Italy inspiring the much-loved pizza, you can have a mouth-watering Italian pizza that as a crusty base with a delicious topping of capsicum, tomatoes, grated cheese, onions, and a sprinkle of oregano for the Italian touch.

Spicy Paneer Pizza

Paneer has always been a favourite pizza topping for Indians everywhere. The chefs at Raju Omlet Centre make use of succulent pieces of paneer that placed atop crusty pizza breads. The base is further dressed with some capsicum along with fresh cheese and some spicy mayonnaise. Raju Omlet Centre guarantees offering the most scrumptious Indian pizza in Melbourne with an ambience that lives up to your expectations.