Indian Spicy Sandwiches Melbourne

Raju Omlet Centre in Melbourne is popular among Indian food lovers all over Melbourne. With chefs that are equipped with experience and the secrets of making any dish taste better than ever, we proudly boast of being the best eatery for those who love Indian cuisine.

One of the most sought after items on our menu are the sandwiches we serve. An Indian sandwich has more than just vegetables stuffed within. The Indian masala is ever present in most sandwiches that are served at Indian restaurants. At Raju Omlet Centre, you can indulge in a delightful breakfast serving of Indian sandwiches in Melbourne.

Simple Indulgence

For those who would rather go a simpler option, you can find a number of sandwiches that are light to have. These include a cheese jam sandwich and a pineapple cheese sandwich that offer the right blend of sweet and cheesy.

Veggie’s Delight

Our chefs are particularly fond of giving our patrons a taste of the Indian cuisine, helping us create this wonderful section within our menu. From aloo mutter (a popular vegetable made of peas and potatoes) sandwiches to variations made using paneer (cottage cheese), you can find the most amazing blend of tastes at Raju Omlet Centre, catering to all who love indulging in all things Indian. We toast the sandwiches for you, grill them to your liking, and even serve them regular, based on your preference. Apart from these, you can always opt for a simple vegetable sandwich or have a sinful load of cheese added to your sandwiches.

Touch of Spice

A special dish served at Raju Omlet Centre, and a favourite of many, the Ahmedabad Touch Sandwich out here brims with an assortment of vegetables, some hot amdavadi sauce, and the goodness of cheese. Another popular item on the menu for those looking for spicy sandwiches in Melbourne is the Chinese fusion with the Indian sandwich. Stuffed with capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and some schezwan mayonnaise that is grilled to perfection, the Cheese Spicy Paneer Grill Schezwan Sandwich.

Check out our menu and branches to take a look at all that we offer and come over to Raju Omlet Centre when you’re in the mood for sandwiches with an Indian touch!